Soil Testing Dubai, UAE

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Soil & Sludge

We provide analysis of priority pollutants and emerging substances in wastewater treatment sewage sludge and biosolids applied to land. The testing services we offer allow our customers to meet the challenges of sustainable waste management by providing compliance with respective legislative requirements.

Testing can be carried out on:

We can offer a wide variety of analysis in these matrices from routine inorganics and heavy metals all the way though to very complex organics such as:

Why soil testing is important in the Dubai

When conducting soil chemical analysis for environmental samples, various parameters and tests can provide valuable information about the soil’s composition, quality, and potential contamination. Here are some common types of soil chemical analysis for environmental samples:

1. pH Analysis:

2. Nutrient Analysis:

3. Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC):

4. Salinity and Electrical Conductivity (EC):

5. Organic Matter Content:

6. Heavy Metals Analysis:

8. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS):

9. Soil Texture Analysis:

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