Cleaning Materials, Toiletries & Detergents Testing in Dubai, UAE


Cleaning Materials, Toiletries & Detergents

To ensure the products perform to the best of their ability, and to modify the products of the future, testing and analysis are critical. Whether it is a cleaning product, a detergent or other household good, our scientific expertise can support your projects. Our testing protocols are designed according to national and international standard methodologies (ISO, EN, BS, ASTM, DIN, SASO, GSO etc). We are capable to perform tailored analysis which can be developed for specific applications.

We are able to conduct analysis on a wide range of materials including glass cleaners, Synthetic Detergents (For Fruits and Vegetables, For Clothing and Fabrics etc.), Germicidal Liquid Detergent, Chemical Depilatories, Toiletries, Industrial Hand Cleaners and consumer products etc.

Our scope of services covers

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